30 Jul 2013

York (England, United Kingdom)

There was occurring a competition to find a new flag to the city of York. Unfortunately, the competition was cancelled after I completed my design. I'll present it now instead of leaving it unknown.

The city council of York has a flag, based on its banner of arms:

But this flag has its use restrict to authorized staff of the city council i.e. it's not a city flag, but a council flag. As the council disagree in releasing it for common use, a new flag is needed. Then I designed this flag:

York is a walled city, with six gates (called "bars"). This flag depict a generic bar under a red background, that represents the heroic history of the city, that include the Siege of York, the Peasant's Revolt and the First War of Scotland Independence. All the bars of York have the city coat of arms in it (see an example), here simplified to a simple St. George cross, that represents the vital importance of the city (what includes the seat of the Primate of England), sometimes claimed by historians as the "second city of England" or "the capital of Northern England".

All comments are welcome.
I don't claim copyright on my York design, so feel free to use it.

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