19 Mar 2014

Cuiabá (Mato Grosso, Brazil)

In the prologue of the series about Brazilian capital flags, I've said Cuiabá flag would need only minor adjustments. I'll present them today.

This is the current Cuiabá flag:

This flag contains the national colors; curiously, Cuiabá is nicknamed "the green city". The green triangle is the stylized representation of the monument that marks the place historically considered the "geodetic center" of South America (some recent researches makes believe the correct point should be, actually, on a neighbor city). The yellow triangle represents a mount of golden gems, as it appears on city's coat of arms (possibly, only the fifth granted by Portuguese king to a Brazilian locality). On a yellow bordure whose shape emulates a shield, "Vila Real do Bom Jesus de Cuiabá" (original title of the village that would later become the city) and "1719" (the year that village was founded).

Any type of lettering should always be avoided from flags. A good point is that even the city administration prefers not to use the letters on its logo:

 My proposed replacement is the following:

This flag is very similar to current flag, but with the minor fixes I promised: apart from removing the writing, I changed the yellow shade for best contrasts, and the circle has a double function: making the flag completely geometrical, and remembering, together with triangles, a compass (other reference to the "geodetic center").

Comments are welcome.
If you can read Portuguese (or use an online translator), visit my new project about Brazilian heraldry.

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