12 Mar 2014

José de Anchieta (1534-1597)

I don't usually design personal flags, so let's see if result is satisfactory. The premise is the following: current pope announced José de Anchieta will be canonized in April 2 and, therefore, he'll be allowed to be regarded as a Catholic saint. He was one of the founders of my home city, São Paulo, and is nicknamed "the apostle of Brazil" for his work of conversion among the natives.

Many saints have their own flags, and I design one to Anchieta . My proposal is the following:

On first and fourth quarters, his family coat of arms as it appears, for example, on the coat of arms of the city of São José dos Campos; I suppose the animal is a bear (blazon isn't clear about it), and I settled the stars as eight-pointed, that's related to Virgin Mary in Christian iconography (he once wrote a 4,172 verses poem for her). On second and third quarters, heads of natives, related to his missionary work. On the center of the flag, the emblem of the Society of Jesus, whereof he was one of first members (he was cousin of Ignatius of Loyola).

I also made a rectangular version of the flag, but I think the square is much superior.

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  1. an interesting design, the quartering with the coat of arms and the natives along with the emblem of the Society of Jesus, is a very cleaver design.


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