9 Apr 2014

Willenhall (England, UK)

I've received an e-mail about a competition to decide new flag of Willenhall, located in the historical county of Staffordshire, now in West Midlands. I've decided not to send a proposal for many logistical reasons, and, in the end, I haven't develop enough my concept.

My inspiration is town's coat of arms:

Based on it, I made this draft:

The top stripe has a Stafford knot, a link to the Staffordshire county. The keys and locks refer to the fact that the town is famous for the fabric of padlocks. Black is added in reference to Black Country. I haven't submitted it because, among other reasons, as I said, I'm not totally satisfied with the design. The keys arrangement is a coincidence to the fact that Willenhall inhabitants used St. Peter's Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton, in the earlier years.

My next step would be, most probably, removing the top stripe, focusing more on the town and less on the county, like this:

Possibly, other changes could occur, like changing lock holes to padlocks. But flag right above is surely an improvement.

If you're reading this line, I invite you to know the six finalist designs and cast your vote on this link (official poll. Although I'm not participating, I'm happy because the judging panel chose six really amazing proposals.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
My thanks for Philip Tibbetts for inviting me to design a proposal.

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