30 Apr 2014

Czech Republic

I don't have issues with current Czech Republic flag, actually I think it's an awesome design. But its symbolism is outdated, so I was curious to think about an alternate design.

It's the current flag of Czech Republic (also known as Czechia):

This flag was obtained cleverly mixing the Kingdom of Bohemia white-red flag with Slovakia white-blue-red, on the time of Czechoslovakia formation. As Slovakia is now an independent country, one can think about a new flag.

The former Kingdom of Bohemia consisted of three distinct lands, Bohemia, Moravia and Czech Silesia, that used, respectively, white-red, yellow red and yellow-black horizontal flags. Being aware of this, I made this design:

This design still use the same layout of current flag, unique among national flags. Bohemia's white-red is still the most prominent part of the flag, but, slightly turning your head to the left, Moravia's yellow-red is now recognizable. Yellow is also the most prominent color of Silesian coat of arms.

This flag don't have the blue of pan-Slavic colors; if it's good or bad is only personal opinion not related to vexillology. After I designed it, I found a similar, but not identical, proposal here.

Comments are more than welcome.
Because it's a very simple design, there's a chance an identical proposal was made before. If you know any instance, please report me.

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