22 Apr 2014

Italian diaspora in Americas

A virtual friend, Hosmich, asked some time ago about a flag for the Italian and Italian-descendant people that lives in the Americas. Why? If you look at my surname, you may have noticed I have some Italian ancestry. Italian diaspora is very relevant in countries such Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, USA, Canada, Peru and Venezuela.

After some thought, I did this design:

As the Italian reunification only occurred in the 19th century, there isn't a long tradition of Italian national symbols. One of them is the stella d'Italia ("star of Italy"), that dates from the first millenium after Christ. It's often associated with the story of the morning star guiding Aeneas, considered by Virgil's Aeneid the legendary founder of Rome. It appears on current Italian national emblem.

The rays on the colors of Italian flag was inspired by this propaganda piece dating from WW1. Specifically to Americas, I chose the purple color, from a Pan-American flag.

Comments are welcome.
Much thanks to Hosmich by the suggestion.

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