7 May 2014

One-state solution

"One-state solution", often called "Isratine", is one of the proposed solutions to Israeli-Palestinian conflict, through the unification of the two countries in a single (often federated or confederated) multi-ethnic and multi-religious state. The theme of this post was proposed on the blog comments by Aj Marohom.

The usual way of designing flags on this topic is combining Israel and Palestine flags. The flag just below, for example, was designed by me using this pattern.

Those flags, though, may seem too artificial and, in the opinion of many, are more divisive than opposite, but I have to admit some of them are aesthetically pleasing designs.

I searched for a symbol with appeal enough to be carried on street marches (many national flags were born from popular movements'), that was emphatically aggregating and wouldn't offend any concerned party. For my surprise, the words in Hebrew and Arabic for "peace", respectively shalom (שָׁלוֹם) and salaam (سلام), had a common root and very similar calligraphies, as you can see on image below:

Source: Justin Watt of justinsomnia.org. Work licensed under CC-BY license.
Hebrew word is in blue and Arabic is in green.

Based on it I made the following design, using a stylized version of the words.

White is a peace color, and present on both Israel and Palestine flags. The golden color is neutral. As the symbolism is all related to peace, this flag wouldn't be, in my theory, offensive to any minority either. Israelis could find a connection between the colors and Exodus 33:3, that describes Canaan as "a land flowing with milk and honey", while Palestinians could associate the white background, a pan-Arab color, to Umayyad Empire.

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