14 May 2014

Fredericton (NB, Canada)

Fredericton is the capital city of New Brunswick, Canada. I never was a fan of its flag, whose appearance obviously demonstrates it was made by an amateur. There are some other issues, that I'll address along the post.

This is the current flag of Fredericton:

The flag ratio (1:2) is too wide, considering that about two thirds of it is left empty. The coat of arms, consisting mostly of other escutcheons, is badly composed. Two top escutcheons represent the monarch of Canada, the bottom one represents the New Brunswick forests, and the cross is a sign that Fredericton is se of ecclesiastical cathedra. The motto is Fredericopolis silvæ filia nobilis ("Fredericton noble daughter of the forest").

My basis for the flag proposal is the bottom escutcheon, that can be related to city's motto. The fir-tree line pattern is originary from Finnish heraldry. Take a look:

Moreover, I'd like to keep the monarchic theme on the flag, as removing it could be potentially unpopular. One of the things I dislike on current coat of arms is that it represents much more the British than the Canadian queen. Luckily, the coronets that crown the two top escutcheons is the St. Edward's crown, that also appears on Canada and New Brunswick coats of arms. Here, I simplified it to the cross patty and fleurs-de-lis that adorn the crown.

The result, in my opinion, is much fresher and more aesthetic than current flag.

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