22 May 2014

Colonia del Sacramento (Colonia, Uruguay)

The origins of Colonia del Sacramento (capital of Uruguayan department of Colonia) dates from the Portuguese Colônia do Santíssimo Sacramento ("Colony of the Most Holy Sacrament") settled on the estuary of the River Plate (on the margin, the Argentinean capital, Buenos Aires). For its strategic position, the region was disputed between Portuguese and Spanish settlers; its historic quarter being World Heritage Site due to the mix of both colonial architectonic traditions.

As far as I know, the town doesn't have neither a flag nor any coat of arms. My first inspiration was the famous city's gate, but it can be too generic, maybe. So my next attemp was this:

Blue and white are the Uruguayan colors, and, at the time of city's foundation, both Portugal and Spain used flags with white background. The blue shape is like a fort, a reference to the historic quarter of the city. The sunny white disc is a common representation to the sacramental bread, as the colony was named after the Eucharist, "the most holy sacrament". Again, the sun remembers the Uruguayan national symbols.

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  1. Very nice design! I'd like to propose a new flag for Mercosur, one that does not need to be translated.


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