28 May 2014

Vitória (Espírito Santo, Brazil)

The series of Brazilian capitals flags is near the ends (in my counts, it's the penultimate post!) and now it's time to propose a new flag to Vitória, the capital of Espírito Santo state. It's the oldest Brazilian state capital located on an island.

The flag of Vitória is the following:

It's nothing more than city's coat of arms on white background. The first quarter, with a golden star, refers to the star of Brazilian national flag that represents Espírito Santo. The caduceus is symbol of commerce and, together with the ship on a landscape containing the Penedo (actually part of Vila Velha municipality) and the Ilha das Pombas, represents the portuary nature of the city. The most interesting item of the coat of arms is certainly the arrows behind it, a tribute to the native indians of the region.

Inspired by the foundation of the city (whose details I explain better on next paragraph), I designed the following flag:

The five red stars arranged in cross on a yellow background is from the coat of arms of Vasco Fernandes Coutinho, first proprietor of Espírito Santo captaincy and founder of the city; this motif appears, for example, on the coat of arms of the Federal University of Espírito Santo. The arrows, took from coat of arms, represent the indians that inhabitated the island, specially the Goytacazes, famous for their techniques with bow and arrows. The victory of Coutinho over the Goytacazes names the city ("Vitória" = victory).

Comments (critiques, suggestions, additional info, etc.) are welcome.
That was the first flag I made with help of Paint.Net 4.0 beta.

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