10 Feb 2015

Brazil [III]

Click to see parts I and II.

Once more, I'm inclined to fix the Brazilian national flag. In this case, my idea is more subtle and doesn't fix all issues I described in parts I and II, it's more like a hotfix.

This is the current Brazilian flag:

My idea, inspired by Paran√° flag, is just substitute this confuse set of stars for the Southern Cross:

Apart from being a more effective way of showing a national symbol, it's a much simpler and remarkable design. A side effect is that the white ribbon is less horizontal, a bonus for those that see a reference to the armillary sphere.

It keeps the criticized "Ordem e Progresso" [Order and Progress] writing, considered both unaesthetic and partisan (being originally derived from a Positivist motto). One step further:

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Don't forget to check parts I and II of the series.


  1. I think my personal favourite is your proposal in Part II, although that doesn't have a Southern Cross. I am glad you kept the white ribbon as a reference to the armillary sphere, I like the idea of all the Brazil flags in history sharing a symbol.

    1. The flag in part II is still my favorite, too, although I don't like the exact color shades I used in that entry.

  2. It's seems just a simplified version, but good.


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