3 Feb 2015


The current flag of Croatia is quite recent, dating from the independence from Yugoslavia. It mirrors a long tradition of Croatian symbols, but I have reservations about how they are combined.

The current flag of Croatia:

The background with pan-Slavic colors is no surprise. The coat of arms keep the traditional Croatian checks, but with a polemic red border. The crown is actually a combination of five historical coats of arms, respectively: ancient Croatia, Dubrovnik, Dalmatia, Istria and Slavonia; its un-traditional look acquired some passionate opposition.

A very old flag I did, using red and white checks but adding blue for a pan-Slavic flavor:

It looks good and balanced, but the checks are all out of proportion. Keeping the same background and twenty-five checks of current flag and coat of arms, I prepared the following design:

As far as I researched, some people still associate the checks starting on white with Nazi occupation, so I used the checks starting with red, like currently.

Taking the opportunity, I'll proposed new naval ensign and jack. The current naval ensign:

I like the way the anchors are placed and think just removing the weird crown and shield's red tiny border is enough for a better flag:

I like it, but maybe a slightly bigger shield (but same anchors) would improve the result.

The current jack is like the naval ensign, but with different background:

Jacks are commonly square, and not rarely a banner of arms, so I had the idea of just using the twenty-five checks:

I can just imagine how awesome it would look on the bow of a ship!

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
I tried to keep it the most neutral, and under a aesthetical and vexillological view.


  1. I always though the crown on the Croatian flag was very odd, and as you showed with your Naval ensign the uncrowned shiel looks a lot better. I like your idea for the Jack, the use of a heraldic banner as naval jack reminds me of the Spanish and Italian navy jacks

    1. Yes, Spanish and Italian jakcs were among my inspirations to that flag.


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