18 Feb 2015

USP cards

It's a blog about "flags, etc.". Today, a bit of et cetera!

The end of summer break (summer? Yes, I live in southern hemisphere) is imminent, it's time to remove the dust from the notebooks and all the stuff. Including my ID card.

I study at the University of São Paulo, a top university in Latin America. The ID cards, that haven't changed much during the years, look like this:

Image adapted from there.

Believe me, an actual card looks worse personally. The orange-white gradient looks specially bard.

My idea is making the card more minimalist and symmetric. Here's a model in actual size (the white area on top right is reserved to ID photo):

The shades of orange and blue are the official colors of the university, and appear prominently in its website. The logo is bigger and easier to read (thanks to gradients' removal). The colors are arranged more symmetrically; the next label, that identifies the link with university (in this example, "aluno" i.e. student), was moved to darker blue area. A student's card have then, besides an expiration date, their name ("João dos Santos Silva"), the college where he studies (in this case, "Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas") and the intended degree ("Graduação" i.e. becoming a graduate).

I also made it an alternate color schema, that remarks USP's flag:

The reverse of the card contains magnetic stripe, barcode, the ID number and other sensitive data; it's not the matter of this post that was very funny to write!

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
I'm not the owner of the first image; I can remove it under request.

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