21 May 2015

South Region (Brazil)

The Southern Brazil is remarkable for having the biggest (but still not relevant) separatist movement in Brazil. Those separatists claim supposed cultural, geographic and demographic particularities.

The flag most associated with Southern Brazil is that of separatist movement "O Sul é Meu País":

Three stars for the three states that compose the region: Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. This flag is a bit boring, and rejected by other separatist movements.

A more recent flag is the following:

I disagree that the araucária (Araucaria angustifolia) is, inside Brazil, a symbol exclusive to the South Region, as there are many counter-examples. I consider a more stylized tree a better solution, too.

Curiously, my proposal ended looking a bit like above:

I designed it on a way that it be used inside or outside a secessionist context. The blue represents the Atlantic Ocean that bathes the three states. Green stands for the wealth of the forests and camps (for the secessionists, hope for freedom?). The stars are three in reference to the three states, and red due to the history of fights of its people.

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I tried to make this post the most apolitical I could... I tried.


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