14 May 2015

Yöruk people

Yöruk is a nomadic Turkic people originally living in Anatolia and Taurus Mountains, but also present in Iran and the Balkans. In Turkish, their name mean "walkers".

Internet is a really big place, and I found a Yöruk-descendant talking about the inexistence of a flag for thr people. So I decided to make my own suggestions.

My first proposal:

The crescent and star on blue background remarks the flag of Turkic Council. The flag itself is structured to remark a landscape, with the camel representing travelling and endurance, characteristics of the nomadic people.

One local said me that, although Wikipedia tells that camels are their traditional means of transportation, most Yöruk families don't have their camels.

So, among the listed animals, I chose the horse, that, in this context, may be the better substitution:

I don't know much about Yöruk, but I like the looks of the flag.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Sorry for delay, I'm having a busy week!


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