6 May 2015

The children of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

I'm a bit late here. Many fellows have published their imaginative exercises on the coats of arms for the sons of William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, respectively.

I have to say it's just a futurology exercise — and a funny one! Usually, the members of British royal family just gain arms after their eighteenth birthdays. At the time her youngest great-granddaughter will be completing 18 years, Queen Elizabeth II would be 107 years old, so I'm working on the scenario where now-prince Charles would already be king, and current practices in British royal heraldry wouldn't have changed.

The marital coat of arms of the parents of George and Charlotte:

If Prince Charles was the king, Prince William would be the heir apparent, therefore using a white label of three points. As heir apparent's heir apparent, George would use the arms of his father with some difference. William now uses the scallop shell from his mother's family (Spencer) coat of arms, so George could use the acorn from his mother's family (Middleton) coat of arms.

Prince Harry, the second son of Charles, now use a label of five points, so could use Charlotte in this futurology scenario.

The big question is what should be the color of the acorn. In my first take, I picked a reference from Middleton's own coat of arms. The labels for George and Charlotte, respectively:

Although it could have a nice contrast with royal quarterings, in both regular and Scottish forms, I'm not totally satisfied with the result.

I'm not a fan of totally red or blue acorns, for its unnatural and aspect, neither totally gold acorns, that lack constrast with the white background, so my suggestion are naturalistic acorns:

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  1. I like the use of the acorns both blue and red and the natural ones. I agree I don't think the gold acorn looks well on the white background, and was something I was rather disappointed with in my designs which were done in haste. I know it might break with tradition but have you considered changing the colour(s) of the label itself?

    1. Changing labels' colors could surely be done, but it's less ideal since those are on the top of sucession list.


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