18 Jun 2014

McMurdo Station (USA)

McMurdo Station is an American scientific base in Ross Island, Antarctica. The headquarters of Antarctic Vexillological Association is located on the base, so, to celebrate this flag-friendly place, I thought it could be interesting to design a flag to the station.

My base for the design was the American flag, seen on uniforms and, if I'm not wrong, on some poles (no pun intended). Here's my design:

The orangish shade of red is helped by the fact that fluorescent colors are the most visible in the white vastness and, among them, orange is the color that best contrasts with blue. The very dark blue represents winter's eternal night, and the white represents summer's eternal day. The Southern Cross is the a symbol of the Southern Hemisphere and, apparently, it's how it looks on Antarctic.

I like the design, althought it's too generic: could be used by any US base in Antarctic continent!

Comments are suggestions are welcome. Do you know how to make this flag more distinctive?
Is there an astronomer that can confirms if this is the correct display of Southern Cross on South pole?


  1. Could you make a more distinctive flag for Ecuador?


Every comment is greatly welcome!