11 Jun 2014

Burgundy (France)

Burgundy is now a historical and administrative region of France. With times of more and less autonomy, it was, historically, one of most important regions of Europe.

These days, I was reading about a Burgundian trying to find a better flag for his region. The current flag is a complex banner of arms, quartering the arms of the houses of Valois-Burgundy and Burgundy.

An obvious choice would be the historical "cross of Burgundy", a very clever design but, nowadays, possibly much more related to the former Spanish Empire than the French region.

As I wanted a simple design, I decided to focus on the second and third quarters, from the original House of Burgundy. It could have been a good choice alone, but I decided to add elements from the House of Valois-Burgundy, that expanded the duchy to its maxime extension.

Considering this, I created this flag design:

The fleurs-de-lis is typical to French flags, the red and white border being more unique. The counterchanged border is more harmonic to the center and, in my opinion, not too far from original.

Comments are welcome.
Hope everybody commemorated International Heraldry Day (June 10th).

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