16 Jan 2013

Ceará (Brazil) [II]

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Last year, I ran a series about Brazilian state flags (the epilogue of series can be seen here). After that, unsatisfied with my early proposal to Rio Grande do Norte, I made a new one. I decided that I'd redo my Ceará flag in a next opportunity, and this is the time. First, look at current state flag and, after that, my early proposal:

You can see a complete rationale about problems in current flag in original post, the biggest of them, obviously, is the excessive similarity with Brazil national flag. I like my early proposal because it represents Ceará state in all its nuances. But the result is maybe too complicated to be used as a flag (I still think it could do a good banner of arms), so I decided to returned to simplicity.

My first decision was make the reference to Brazil flag present in current flag, but in a more subtle way: keeping the lozenge layout, but changing the colors. It'll be charged with the jangada (that kind of raft you can see on both flags above). So I come with two proposals:

The yellow background represents the beaches, symbols of that sunny state, while blue is for the sea (alternatively, they can represent, respectively, the semi-arid interior and the dikes), where navigates the jangada. The first proposal uses a yellow raft, keeping the flag with only two colors, what's a great deal in manufacturing aspect. But the second, with a white one, shakes my heart with more intensity (notice that a jangada has, naturally, a white candle). What do you prefer?

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Soon you'll see my proposal to Fortaleza, capital city of Ceará. Wait!

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