10 Jan 2013


Fiji is going to approve a new Constitution, and it was confirmed that the national flag will be changed. First, let's see current Fiji flag:

The flag of Fiji was chose in a contest in 1970. The winner proposal was very simple: a light blue flag (representing Pacific Ocean), with national coat of arms and United Jack on canton. It was confirmed that the Union Jack will be removed, so I tried not to be much monarchist. And I tried to represent Fiji itself in place of current government. This was the result:

Although I think Fiji flag is aesthetically poor, I tried to take some resemblance, because it's a popular flag. The white dove is a symbol of peace. It's present on Fiji current coat of arms and in a previous, precolonial, flag. The green palm tree comes from coat of arms, too, and from national rugby team logo. Blue continues to symbolize the Pacific Ocean, but also sky and stability. Green is for land and hope. The dove, that traditionally should be turned to left, is turned to right like if facing Fiji's future.

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