22 Jul 2015

Sioux Falls (SD, USA)

This week, I was reviewing some old, unpublished stuff, and I found this design for a flag for Sioux Falls, the largest city of South Dakota. Last year, there was an unofficial contest for choosing city's flag and I made, but didn't submit, a design.

The winner designer, designed by Max Rabkin, is below. You can find this and the other five finalist here.

The zig-zag like are for the waterfalls, that give the city its name. The pink area represents the buildings made of "Sioux quartzite", a local stone with that characteristic color. The sun represents South Dakota's nickname "Sunshine State".

My flag attempt has similar motifs, but it's way more abstract:

The superior vertical in blue and white represents the falls, while the inferior vertical in pink and white represents the Sioux quartzite.

I'm not sure that my design is best than the winner one, but I still think it would fly nicely in a pole.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
A question: of the six finalists, which was your favorite, and why?

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