30 Jun 2015

Region Ica (Peru)

Last December, Region Ica gained an all-new set of flag, coat of arms and anthem. I'm not an expert in anthems and I won't focus on the coat of arms, but the flag is this one:

I honestly like the yellow and purple zig-zags, but the coat of arms is aesthetically bad, and makes the flag way too busy to work properly.

The zig-zag pattern is taken from ancient Paracas culture clothing. Yellow stands for the eternal sun and warmth, White stands for peace, white purple (morado) is the color of the Lord of Luren. Most of the coat of arms repeats themes from the rest of the flag: the Lord of Luren, the candlesticks of Paracas culture, the sun.. the grapes (OK, it's not represented, but the purple would work).

But one omission is the hummingbird from worldwide-famous Nazca Lines, created by ancient Nazca culture and one of main World Heritage sites in Peru. I think this opportunity is too great to be missed:

OK, the changes aren't very radical, but I think the flag works much better now.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Is anybody else noticing those dots in recently posted images ? I'm almost sure they didn't exist in original images.


  1. I agree, that the zig zag pattern is pretty cool. I like the colour scheme too. You don't usually see purple on flags. I think the flag would look pretty good without any central symbol.

    1. Yes, the plain flag would work, but I think the Nazca symbolism is very opportune.


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