25 Jun 2015

Parma FC? (Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

"Flags, etc." It's on the title of the blog. I knew that Parma FC, one of most victorious Italian football (soccer) clubs, was declared bankrupt and was relegated to the Serie D (semi-professional). If the club is acquired by another body, it wouldn't be uncommon if it was renamed and re-branded.

This is the current logo of Parma FC:

In my futurology exercise, Parma is renamed as Associazione Calcio Parma. On my first attempt, I just kept the traditional black cross and vertical stripes motifs and put it on an oval, common in Italian football logos. I tried other colors for border and the top section, but the best result was similar to current logo.

I like the aesthetic result per se, but maybe it's too similar to rival Bologna FC 1909.

My second attempt was much more radical. I kept the vertical stripes, but changed the color of the cross and its background: from black on white to blue on yellow, mimicking Parma city flag and coat of arms. Just in case, I kept the black and white colors, now framing all the yellow and blue. The logo shape is a typically Italian testa di cavallo.

I like the way it combines local heraldry and traditional club symbols.

Comments are welcome.
Next week, flags! I'll try, at least...

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