16 Apr 2015

Vancouver Island (BC, Canada)

When Vancouver Island was granted a flag, in 1865, it was still an independent colony. The next year, though, it joined British Columbia, now part of Canada, so there's doubts that flag ever flew those times.

That flag, however, is been revived by many locals as an unofficial flag. This is how it looks:

It's a bunch of things happening there. The badge is based in then-colony's seal:trident for the sea surrounding the island, caduceus for commerce, pine cone for the forests and beaver for fur trade. I don't think the blue ensign-look is the ideal for current usage.

Here's my first attempt:

I kept the main elements of the flag. Caduceus and tridents, here. The green stands for the forests. The beaver is on canton because, apart from the fur trade, it's also representing the Hudson's Bay Company, the true proprietors of former colony.

My second attempt is more conservative:

Nothing completely original, but this flag is way more ellegant and easier to be manufactured.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
My real sorry for post's delay. It's been a busy week.

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