7 Apr 2015

Organization of American States

The Organization of American States (OAS or OEA) is an international organization consisting in all independent countries of the Americas (Cuba is not active member).

Its flag is similar to the following:

It contains OAS' logo (pieces of the flags of the member states in a flagpole) in a blue background. I consider this design cluttered and lazy.

I came up with a proposal of my own, just to discover that Flags Forum's user Smertios had a similar idea much earlier:

I think the idea of an stylized map is clever, but I'm not happy with its (possibly unintentional) similarity with logo of FTAA, a proposed pan-American (except Cuba) free-trade area.

My actual design, developed independently, is the following:

I kept the basic white-circle-on-blue design, but thought the circle like a globe. I painted the continent red because it's a color widely associated with American continent e.g. the former rationale for Olympic red ring.

Comments are welcome.
I tried to make this post the most apolitical.

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