7 Jan 2015

Trindade and Martim Vaz (Brazil)

Trindade and Martim Vaz is a Brazilian archipelago inhabitated by military only, administratively belonging to the capital of Espírito Santo, Vitória.

I've recently found this proposal by dear Brazilian vexillologist André Pires Godinho:

The red triangle refers to name of the main island (Trindade = Trinity), and the background represents the sea. The coat of arms, (don't know if intentionally) very similar to other coats of arms of Espírito Santo, represents: in fist quarter, a representation of the flag of Principality of Trindade, a failed attempt to establish a micronation in the Trindade island during the 1890s; in second quarter, the position of Martim Vaz and neighbor islands (known as "north island" and "south island"); in bottom. a view of Trindade.

An interesting variation was proposed by Bo Bernvill (the bigger star is Trindade's relative position):

Both proposals have their own merits. For fun, I decided to design my own proposal, that can be seen below:

The triangles on hoist now emulates the coloring of Principality of Trinidad's flag. On a blue background, standing for the sea, a map of the islands.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
I desire all readers that an amazing 2015!

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