14 Jan 2015

Liverpool (United Kingdom) [II]

More than two years ago, I proposed a flag for Liverpool. After I found a campaign called "Flag for Liverpool", I decided to have a second look at it.

This is my original design:

The purple color is currently used by the city council. It's a neutral color since it's a mix of the colors of the two main football (soccer) teams: red for Liverpool FC and blue for Everton FC. The white stripe in the hoist represents the River Mersey, an import point of Liverpudlian landscape. The bird is a liver bird, a key symbol of the city, often represented as a cormorant.

My first new design was simply substituting the vertical stripe to wavy stripes, and using a neutral liver bird, since the previous was taken from Liverpool FC logo.

My second new proposal substituted the purple to red and blue, firstly in a arrangement that's also reminiscent of Union Jack.

A variant, with similarities to the city's coat of arms:

I don't know how much a flag with both red and blue can be neutral, but I think the last two designs are very charming.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Don't forget to check "Flag for Liverpool" page!

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  1. I like the last one best, although that blue, red and gold one on the flag for Liverpool page is also pretty good


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