2 May 2013

São Luís (Maranhão, Brazil)

For the continuation of the Brazilian capital series, we'll look today for São Luís, the capital of Maranhão state. The curiosity about the city: it was the only Brazilian city founded by French colonizers (as far as I learned), as part of the "Equinoctial France" project, that survived only in current French Guyana. The name of the city comes from the king Louis IX of France, venered as saint by Catholic and Anglican churches.

The current São Luís flag:

On a buff-color background, the coat of arms of the city. The stars form the Pleiades constellation, in reference of the group of local writers named after Alexandrian Pleiad. An inescutcheon on the top of shield (for the position of São Luís island inside Maranhão) with three fleur-de-lis, for the three carracks that founded French expedition, and a cross made of quinas, representing the times of Portuguese colony.

São Luís is very famous for its azulejos, present, for example, in the stylized government logo:

 As it wouldn't look much like a flag, my proposal is keep only the inescutcheon, with a different layout to the fleur-de-lis:

This design is simple and keep the references to France, Portugal and the Brazil (on the colors), what emphasizes the position of the city as Cultural World Heritage site, according to UNESCO.

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