9 May 2013

Brasília / RA-I (Brazil)

Maybe you know that Brazilian capitol city is Brasília. Differently of the District of Columbia, for example, the Brazilian federal district (Distrito Federal) has large autonomy. While, statistically speaking, the federal district is composed only by Brasília city, it's actually divided in 31 administrative regions. The RA-I (administrative region #1) is also called "Brasília", and today's post should talk about this administrative region, and not the whole federal district.

Usually, the Brasília flag is said to be the Federal District flag (this view considers Brasília as the whole district, not only RA-I):

The RA-I is constituted by Brasília National Park and the "plano piloto". The plano piloto ("pilot plan"), by Lúcio Costa, was the winner project of the contest that chose the shape of the planned capitol, and is named in reference to its shape, that remarks a plane. See the original entry:

Inspired by that silhouette, I made this flag:

This flag has the colors of Brazil and Distrito Federal flags, and follow the same modern fashion of many flags on the neighborhood. The green on top represents the fact that the Brasília National Park is in the north of plano piloto, while the blue on bottom represents the Paranoá lagoon in the south.

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I think this flag isn't part of Brazilian capitols series, but I may change of opinion.


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