29 Nov 2012

Tasmania (Australia)

Many Australian flags still adopt a blue ensign as their own flag, but Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory successfully changed its own flag to a common pattern, often called "Australian pale". There's even a campaign to change all Australian flags to that pattern. To understand better what I'm saying, look at current Tasmanian flag:

A red lion is so generic that it could be used by any other Commonwealth territory. And Tasmania isn't even in Africa or India. I think a best idea should be the unofficial animal of the island, the Tasmania lion (that's actually a marsupial). A specimen of this animal isn't found for decades, but maybe it isn't extinct. Using the bottle green, associated with the island, I came with this flag:

Using the "Australian pale":

A white border to contrast better, and red is also used to represent Tasmania. Being sincere, I still prefer my first design.

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  1. Mabey you should use Taz from the old cartoons lol.
    I like your designs, I like the idea of having the Southern Cross at the hoist of each flag but I don't think the red and white goes with the green to well. So I think your first design is the better of the two.

    1. I tried to change red for green, but it became too "monotone".


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