13 Nov 2012

Hawaiian islands (USA)

Sometime ago, I tried to find examples of Hawaiian local flags on web. I haven't find a lot of them, only the flags of Honolulu and Oahu counties. So I decided to create a flag to every major Hawaiian island; they're nine.

The source of the colors came from the Ko'Aloha flag, used by Hawaiian nationalists. This is the flag:

Every stripe of the flag corresponds to an island. There are nine of them, as the number of major inhabited islands on Hawaii archipelago. Just below you can see the flags I idealized to them, and its color and the official emblem of the island (from where the colors were took). They follow a template: bi-chromatic, with allusion to nine stripes on superior left canton. The nine stripes appear on Ko'Aloha flag (above), but also on Hawaii official state flag and Kanaka Maoli flag (used by independentist movement).

These are the flags. Click on them to zoom:

Hawaii IslandRed, from lehua blossom from oahi tree.
Maui IslandPink, from lokelani flower.
Kahoolawe IslandGray, from hinahina plant.
Lanai IslandOrange, from kaunaoa plant.
Molokai IslandGreen, from leves of kukui tree.
Oahu IslandGolden yellow, from ilima flower.
Kauai IslandPurple, from mokihana flower.
Niihau IslandWhite, from pupu shells.
Nihoa IslandBlue, from blue sky and water.
Curiosity: do you know that the official Hawaii flag is the hibiscus? I'm thinking about use it to uninhibited islands, maybe black.

And this is it. Thank you for reading!

Your comment is very appreciated! It's your way to help me improve the blog and the designs. Thanks in advance.
That's the series I promised about two weeks ago. Debt paid!
I'm thinking about create more geometric models. If possible, I'll be replacing the flags one by one.
If you're interested on theme, see related bibliography: [1] and [2].


  1. I like the individual island flags they are very good. I like every aspect of them I am not sure if I like the Ko'Aloha flag though but despite that the individual flags are awesome

    1. I'm also a little unsatisfied about Ko'Aloha flag. Although it comprises a lot of symbolism (I must admit I don't know many of it), nine main colors is tooooooo many!

      Thank you for the comment.


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