28 Oct 2012


The Zambia flag is a common topic in flags redesign discussions (see example). I'll show the flag and so it'll become clearer.

The major elements of flag are set on the right, so they're hard to be seen in the wind (see for yourself). Also, this green shade is a little eye-unfriendly for me.

Thinking about these two main faults, I created a new flag:

The vertical stripes were rotated 90° to right, and the eagle was moved to the left, making the flag more "balanced". The green and red shades became darker, making it more contrasting and less eye-tiring. As final touch, the eagle was put leaning on red stripe.

As I wasn't satisfied, I made a second proposal, my favorite:

The colors are the same of previous flag, but the arrangement is better: diagonal stripes crossing two green halves. The eagles is flying on first division, making it more visible.

Now, I'll explain the meaning of elements of Zambian flag. Firstly, the colors: green for the lush flora, red for the blood fallen on fight for freedom, black for Zambian people and gold for natural resources and mineral wealth. Now, the reason because I only made this explanation in the end: the eagle must be, necessarily, flying, because it represents the rise above nation's problem, but on first flag it's leaning. It was corrected on second flag, that I consider the best I made to Zambia.

Your comment is welcome; please, feel free to show your opinion.
I'm working on a set of flags. If it ends soon, I'll post it next week.


  1. I like both your designs. However I think the first one would be better for a national flag.(modified so that the eagle flying of course)But the second flag could be used as a presidential standard or some sort of military flag or state ensign. it strikes me as that type of flag.

    1. The Zambian president use a flag that isn't exactly that beautiful, but very appropriated, but it can be used in other function.


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