21 Oct 2012

Aragon (Spain)

Simplifications are sometimes great issues: what to keep and what to remove? This was the big question I found when doing my Aragon proposal. First, see the current flag:

This flag is complicated (like many Spanish flags). The simplest simplification would keep only the stripes, but we're too late: it's yet used by neighbor and related autonomous community of Catalonia; both were under rule of former Crown of Aragon. So it's needed to choose a symbol to make the flag unique. Therefore we need to look at Aragon coat of arms:

  • At first quarter, the arms of the County of Sobrarbe. Too complicated to be in the flag.
  • At second quarter, the arms attributed to Iñigo Arista, the first king of Navarre and probably count of Sobrarbe. There's no evidence it was really used, but it's a cool symbol.
  • At third quarter, an allusion to the flag used in the Battle of Alcoraz (1096), during the war against Moors. This is used as flag of Sardinia (the Moor heads are, in Sardinian flag, incorrectly turned to right since 1999). A plain version (St. George's cross) is also very popular, but it's the same insignia used by England, Milan, Genoa and many others.
  • At fourth flag, the arms of Crown of Aragon, currently held by Catalonia. Also, combining vertical and horizontal stripes would create an undesired effect.

The nationalists use a blue canton with a white star, or a centered red star, but I won't use them because of their political connotations. So, the choice was the Cross of Iñigo Arista. I made two variant versions using this symbol: the flag is divided slightly differently. See them:

I think the results are interesting.

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Talking about so old arms can cause controversy, because the historic sources are sometimes contradictory  If you have a different information, please share it on comment box.


  1. Nice designs!

  2. This design has vertical division instead of diagonal. Both are usable. BTW, what about UnionJack-free Australian flag? Despite Union Jack is preserved for UK, it can be removed in other states. This is nice, but I have seen another proposal: diagonal green and gold and blue centered disc with Commonwealth Star. What is better to preserve: Commonwealth Star or Southern Cross?

    1. Yes, both are usable, but I think mine uses the space better and is less similar to Catalonian and Valencian flags.

      About Australian flag, I made an attempt here, but receptions are mixed. I see the "Southern Horizon Flag" already gaining real support, and I think it's not bad at all.


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