8 Apr 2016

Gatineau (QC, Canada)

Gatineau forms, together with Ottawa and smaller communities, Canada's National Capital Region.

Its current flag is the following:

Until 2002, when it was merged with four other townships, it used the following flag:

Both flags use a stylized "G" and, in some way, represent sustainable development.

My attempt is a mix of both and, hope I, better than both:

The blue part represents clean water. The green part, whose shape may remark leaves in the wind, represents nature; it's also an arrow point towards future. The overall design resembles a "G" just like former flag.

A variant on same theme:

Another variant shows five stars, representing the five merged communities:

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Sorry for recent absence. I had professional compromises.


  1. Posso lhe fazer uma sugestão? Refaça o brasão dos descendentes da família real brasileira, os Orleães e Bragança.
    Segue o link: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casa_de_Orle%C3%A3es-Bragan%C3%A7a


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