7 Oct 2014

Goa (India)

I've recently knew that Goa hosted the last Lusophony Games earlier this year. The host team, however, competed as "India", even though, at least in some sports, like football, local athletes were the rule.

This way, they competed under Indian flag. Goa seems to have an unofficial flag, although I haven't found documental sources to it, that looks like this:

I really don't know what this building is supposed to be. Any information is gladly welcome!

As I never saw that flag in use, I decided to make a flag specially for sports and other Lusophone events, that showed the Portuguese influence but without a Portuguese look. The result is the following:

The background pattern represents the coat of arms of Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese national hero that found the route to India through the Indian Ocean. It names the most important city of Goa. The cock was the mascot of the 2014 Lusophony Games and, as explained in this link, is very important to local culture.

Comments are welcome.
If you have additional informations about the Goa "unofficial" flag, please leave a comment.

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