26 Nov 2013

DROPS: The roundel of Brazil

I'm very busy this week, so I decided to make drops about the aircraft roundel of Brazil, or more specifically about the question "What if Brazil had only one roundel?".

Why the question? Look:

There isn't something like a single unified roundel on Brazil. The original roundel of Brazil, inspired by national cockade, is used on navy's aviation. The air force itself use one design inspired on Brazilian coat of arms. The army's aviation use the insignia of the Army on the wings of its airplanes. A fouth roundel was also used on Brazilian history: the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, that represented the country of World War II, used a design inspired in USA roundel, to help the identification between the Allies, and this design could be reused on a future war.

My proposal is a mix of the first roundel (current Navy's roundel) with the current one. Summarizing, I put the current roundel on a green disc (I like round "roundels") and changed the color of outer disc of current insignia from white to yellow, what incidentally also remember Army's roundel. This design, therefore, can be used by the three armed forces and is still distinguishable on low visibility, what's fundamental to all aircraft insignia. Here you can see it:

Your comments are welcome.
The colors of the roundel will be theme to next drops. Wait it!

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  1. I agree too many roundels, and the fact different roundels were used by different service at different times confesses thing even more! One roundel for all military aircraft regardless of service I think is used by most nations.


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