29 Oct 2013

Philadelphia (PA, USA)

It's the 100th post of this blog! I was thinking in doing a commemorative post, but I read an article about the necessity of a new flag for Philadelphia, so I decided to give a try.

Here's the current flag of Philadelphia, that they're trying to substitute:

The problem of Philadelphia coat of arms is its complexity and being, in some opinions, "dated". I really like flags with ships, but I tried to avoid the comparison with Boston, specially because of color scheme.

After thinking about the substitute for the coat of arms, I decided for the Liberty Bell, supposed to being rung during the reading of US Declaration of Independence. It's also connected to the fact that the city was an early capital of the USA and one of its most notorious citizens: Benjamin Franklin! It's even used by the city's baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies.

My first thought was the vertical stripes, inspired by the coat of arms:

The bell is too small, so I decided to change the layout. I decided for the horizontal stripes of current flag, that's enough consolidated for being reportedly used without the coat of arms. Here's the result:

I like this flag, for its simplicity and for keeping the base of current flag.

For a similar attempt, look at the link. I appreciate the idea of the stylized keystone on the top of the bell.

Your comments are very welcome.
In occasion of the 100th post, I'd like to thank the readers, subscribers and commenters of this blog. Thank you very much.


  1. Compared with some other US State and City flags the Philadelphia flag isn't that bad, although the use of coats of arms on flags leaves a lot to be desired. I like the horizontal stripes. Perhaps if the yellow bar slightly lower with a larger bell in the canton the effect would be better?

    1. I considered a similar design, but I think it may seem arbitrary, as the reference to coat of arms is less obvious. I've put that centered, as it's too vertically elongated to be on the canton, in my opinion.

  2. I think the old one seems great to look at and for me, it is better to leave it as it is so as to preserve the symbol of the state. Thanks!


    1. Thanks for reply.

      You can read some good motivations to change the flag on the first link of the post. In my humble opinion, keeping the flag as current is, for example, an unnecessary waste of money for producers and clients.


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