19 Aug 2013

Aracaju (Sergipe, Brazil)

Aracaju is the capital of the state of Sergipe, in the northeast of Brazil. Just for curiosity, it's considered the healthiest capital of Brazil: more bikes and less smokers.

Here's the flag of Sergipe:

If you're not familiarized to Brazilian flags, you may not have noticed that this flag is heavily based on the Sergipe state flag. The coat of arms says very few about the city: the cross and the gear have obvious symbolisms, the other two quarters represent the importance of the salt and coconut to local economy (although the city isn't very known by it).

Aracaju etymology means "bird's cashew". The city is commonly known as the "City of the Cashew" and there are references to the fruit everywhere around the city. So my proposal is keep the current pattern, pick it less similar to Sergipe state flag and add a cashew. Here is it:

Initially, I rejected the flag for being too "direct to the point", but I think its cleverness has grown on me. If you want, you can consider that the white represents the salt, green the coconuts and yellow for the wealth of its urban center, and then you have made a parallel to the city's coat of arms.

Your comments are welcome.
The flag series is very near the end: only six flags left!

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