19 Dec 2012

Queen Elizabeth Land (United Kingdom)

Today it was announced that part of British Antarctic Territory will be named Queen Elizabeth Land, in occasion of Diamond Jubilee. It's a good opportunity to imagine how this land's flag should look like. Samuel McKittrick, in his own blog, showed his proposals. Now I'll show the mine; it doesn't necessarily means I support the British monarchy or its claim in Antarctic lands —  it's s blog about Vexillology, not Politics.

Like the other flags of British oversea territories, it'll probably adopt a British ensign with with a local coat of arms. Just clarifying: Queen Elizabeth Land will be a region of a territory, not a territory itself. After some tests, I decided for this coat of arms:

[Click to zoom]
The background is formed by white and blue lozenges. Firstly, it emulates diamond shape (a reference to Diamond Jubille). It also is used because it slightly resembles the ice. There's a blue triangular division, with royal cypher on it, as reference to the person whom the land is named for. The cypher contains the crown, so I don't thought it's needed to crown the shield.

After that, I came to the flags in themselves. First, a white ensign, like the British Antarctic Territory flag:

In the other hand, if a blue ensign was preferred, I preview it'd look like the following:

It was only a supposition training; I don't know even if this land will ever adopt a flag.

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I suggest the visit to Samuel McKittrick's post about the same issue. Click here.


  1. Your design is awesome and is actually my favourite.
    I like the white and blue lozenges that was a very cleaver idea

    1. Thanks, but your designs are good, too.

  2. i can't help thinking about Bavaria. ;)

    1. And, for me, it's too similar to South Georgia and South SanDwich Islands. I completely forgot about this flag when I was making it.

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